Autonomous Sports Fields Line Marking

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What we do

Elite Fields are the Official Partner for Tiny Mobile Robots in Perth Western Australia. Elite Fields specialise in autonomous sports field line marking robots and aim to cater for the needs of diverse clients by providing a range of advanced robotic solutions for respective sport fields.

We offer sales and after sales support for our robots and provide a niche line marking service.

We understand the specific requirements of sports field line marking and offer customised robots that can efficiently automate marking, improve productivity and quality and reduce costs.

Working closely with clients, we identify their needs, assess their operations, and recommend the most suitable robotic solution. We provide comprehensive support, including onboarding, training, ongoing maintenance, and finance options ensuring that clients maximize the benefits of their robotic investments.

Using state-of-the-art technology, our robots play a vital role in helping clients achieve operational excellence and stay ahead in their respective industries.

Our aim is to provide all clients including schools, universities, sports stadiums, sports clubs and local councils, the oportunity to provide elite level playing fields for their respective teams.

Virtual Mapping

Tiny Mobile Robots require a one-off initial set up and virtual mapping of your fields. Elite Fields provides full training and ongoing support for field mapping.


Mark Ups

Tiny Mobile Robots manage the initial mark out of a new field and can use different nozzles and robot speeds to impact the quality of line and paint consumption.

Touch Ups

Once fields are set up, Tiny Mobile Robots accurately touch up and re-mark fields that are faded, effected by weather or grass growth. 

Our Innovation

The technology and navigation system that Tiny Mobile Robots use is recognised as some of the most progressive in the world. These automonous robots receive GPS signals from satellites, whilst at the same time receiving correction signals from reference stations (RTK Network) in the area.

This dual navigation system ensures our robots are always exactly where they should be. This innovation allows us to accurately mark and remark your field every time.

Tiny Mobile Robots also offer a innovative new Custom Logo feature. This feature enables users to convert any logo into a field marking, creating opportunities for added field advertising revenue.

Elite Fields Sport

Elite Fields Pro X

The Benefits of Tiny Mobile Robots

  • Increased safety
  • Save time and money
  • Fast, accurate, repeatable line markings every time
  • Over 100 sport field types which can be scaled and modified
  • Increased revenue streams with Custom Logo Feature
  • Works day and night even in rough weather
  • Finance Options to manage the investment

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